Quote Tool

Quote to Billing Process Automation

Cloudmore can help you with your digital transformation by automating and streamlining core processes, from quote through to billing. We support traditional one-off sales and subscriptions.

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Digital Service Catalog

Adding a new product, service or subscription into Cloudmore is a fast process with zero coding required. There is flexibility with contract terms, payment frequencies and renewal options. Offers can be customized by region, country, currency or specific service providers. Full provisioning and management automation is achieved through the use of the Service Connector tool and your middleware.

Digitally Transform your Sales and Account Management Teams

Once your products are set up in Cloudmore, the sales and account management process becomes digital and quoting is accurate and fast. Orders can be initiated instantly and customers can self-serve from their storefront.  Account managers get real-time views of use and utilization. Renewals are automated or easily assisted. 

As sales are managed in Cloudmore, whether initiated by the customer or salesperson, all actions are recorded. The handover from a quote to the provisioning team or automated provisioning processes is seamless and of course, billing information is automatically calculated depending on the pre-set business rules.

Operational Efficiencies

Operational teams will now be in sync with sales and account management. Improvements in consistency of data, orders, pricing and workflow will reduce friction and errors due to reduced manual handling. Optional linking via APIs to other business systems will further increase automation and efficiencies.

As products and services are added to the marketplace, contract term, payment frequency, and renewal terms are configured. Provisioning or fulfilment actions can be fully automated using the Service Connector.  Recurring activities, such as changes to product quantities and billing, are managed by Cloudmore.

Scale your Business

As product configuration, pricing, quoting, order management and contract lifecycles become a one-time activity, scale is achieved by reducing manual processes and by aggregating data, workflows and processes into a single tool.