Billing Automation Platform for Managed Serviced Providers

Manage IT at scale as efficiently as possible


Improve Customer Billing

Cloudmore connects with your existing systems to automate and streamline end-to-end billing. Provide your inside teams and customers with a unified experience by offering them one place to view and manage accounts and services.  

Multiple Renewal Options

Cloudmore supports monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual payments. Flexible renewal automation allows for automated and assisted renewals.

Flexible Price Management

Pricing can be allocated on a global or per customer basis. Any pricing updates or changes are automatically reflected across the relevant billing reports.

Cost Reconciliation

Cloudmore allows you to view expected charges from vendors, reconcile costs against onward billing and maintain correct margin levels.

Why Cloudmore

  • Single code based and SAS developed

  • Simple to depot and fast time to value

  • APIs connect with your business systems for end to end automation

  • No upfront costs

  • Fixed pricing in accordance with business managed in the platform