Automation Platform For Managed Service Providers

Make your services stand out and increase your customer experience by automating processes.

Adding and managing customers in Cloudmore requires minimal resource overhead, enabling your company to grow much faster. The systems API and Service Connector functionality enable you to share data and processes between your existing business systems to create fully automated workflows. 

We take the pains out of complex billing, simplify subscription management, and streamline your customers’ user journey. As product configuration, pricing, quoting, order management and contract lifecycles become a one-time activity, you can focus on upsell opportunities and growing your customer-base. 

Due to the time saved managing billing processes, Virtual IT was able to get a near 100% return on investment in month one, with a full return once the Cloudmore APIs are linked to our billing system. It has already balanced out perfectly.
— Toby Wakelin, Virtual IT

Why Cloudmore

  • Single code based and SAS developed

  • Simple to setup and fast time to value

  • APIs connect with your business systems for end to end automation

  • No upfront costs

  • Fixed pricing in accordance with business managed in the platform