Microsoft CSP - Video Guide


Microsoft CSP Automation Video

Cloudmore enables you to meet the Microsoft CSP program requirements, reduce your costs and improve customer experience. Watch our video to learn more.

FREE 30 Day Trial

Quick and easy setup, enabling you to benefit from reduced operational costs and giving your customers an enhanced CSP experience. We have CSP customers in every region of the world and our simple 30 days-to-success program will guide you every step of the way.

30 days-to-success key milestones

  1. Connect CSP tenant You will need authentication markets are correct permissions to complete
Linked customer tenants In bulk by us or phased by you

  2. Link your office365 customer tenants
In bulk, or phased by you

  3. Add some Azure subscriptions
Including setting spending limits and customer margins

  4. Customize customer pricing
Configure customer pricing by margin or specific prices in our price catalog

  5. Run billing report
Configure you export and import process to your ERP/billing system

  6. Process some changes to subscriptions
Learn how to process adds, moves and changes, all within Cloudmore

  7. Provision new customer/new subscriptions
Learn how Cloudmore will simplify your internal, new business processing

  8. Select customers to try self-service
Select some pilot customers to test the self-service and reports features

Ask us about upgrading to the full Cloudmore cloud brokerage enablement platform to digitize your service and product portfolio and operational processes.