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Cloudmore is a single codebase, SaaS delivered platform with a customer-centric development model. We regularly add new and updated features suggested by our customers in every release. All feature requests are analyzed and assessed and, once accepted, assigned to a future sprint, or added to the backlog. If your requirement is specific or unusual, we are always happy to discuss how we can help you. We do not charge customers for any development activities.

Highly Extensible

Cloudmore is designed to be able to support unlimited integrations with both services and systems. It is also possible to develop your own front-end.

White Label

Your customers will have access to a personalized login page on your sub-domain with hyperlinks to your website pages. At first login you can optionally ask your customer to sign your service or platform agreement. Your branded solution will include your logo and colors.

Systems API

Cloudmore is built on a foundation of extensible APIs where you can connect your business systems, create and manage objects, share data and create workflows to automate processes and data flows.

Service Connector

Any product or service you have added to Cloudmore and can be provisioned in two ways:

1) Email provisioning, where your team receives an email to request a 'create, update or remove' action.

2) Connect the API of the service to Cloudmore via the Service Connector. This, in turn, will send instructions to the provisioning service.