Customer Portal

A smart customer portal is essential for modern customer relationships. By providing a customer portal you can lower your operational costs and drive higher customer engagement.

Self-service sales

Your customers can discover and buy your products, services and subscriptions at any time, from anywhere, on any device. Pricing can be customized on a per-customer basis and approval routines are easy to activate. Quotes can be created, sent and approved from within the platform.

Self-service Renewals

All subscriptions in Cloudmore will have renewal rules set by you or the vendor. Sales teams are able to manage upcoming renewals and customers can approve non-recurring renewals in Cloudmore.

Self-service operations

With Cloudmore you can manage services on behalf of customers or offer self-service management. Customers can start and stop subscriptions, subject to billing rules and re-allocate subscriptions to other users.

Self Service Billing

Customers can see a full billing report for services managed in Cloudmore. This removes the need to send a complex, detailed invoice and reduces billing inquiries