Subscription Billing

Advance your operational efficiency and eliminate error-prone processes by using Cloudmore to streamline subscription management from quote to billing. Cloudmore can also help you to define and create new bespoke offers and bundles for new and existing customers.

Automated Billing process

When monthly and multi-year contract periods are combined with different payment frequencies, the administration soon gets too complex for most ERP/accounting systems. From the central product catalog — where per-customer pricing is centrally managed — through to the complexity of metered billing, Cloudmore aggregates billing reports into one easy-to-understand report for onward invoicing.

Billing Reports, Exports and APIs

All billing data can be viewed, exported and accessed via API. Creating an API connection between Cloudmore and your ERP system enables full end-to-end automation.

Cost reconciliation

Connecting customer usages with your cost prices in Cloudmore unlocks the important opportunity to easily reconcile supplier costs and view margins at a service and customer level. This level of transparency of costs and sales can potentially save you thousands.

Billing Self-Service

Cloudmore enables you to send a simple invoice and give customers access to a billing breakdown. This reduces billing related support calls.