The Leading Digital Commerce Solution
for your Products, Services and Subscriptions


 The Cloudmore cloud brokerage platform has been developed over ten years and is used by thousands of organizations to help them sell, buy, consume and manage their processes, people, and financial transactions.

Cloud Brokerage Platform


Cloudmore can be up and running in hours. The user-friendly and intuitive interface enables administrators and end-users to get a quick start.


Cloudmore is a single, unified platform that helps automate the full customer life-cycle, including sales, service delivery and billing.


Cloudmore helps you to streamline your business so that you can focus on scaling big. Our customer success team supports you every step of the way.

Cloud Brokerage Platform


Easily expand your service portfolio to increase service adoption and utilization. Digitize your service catalog to create your private marketplace.

Cloud Brokerage Solution


Simplify and reconcile all end-to-end recurring and one-off transactions to create billing or chargeback reports and export feeds.

Cloud Commerce Solution


Delight your external and internal customer and users by enabling service discovery and procurement, self-service management and billing reports.

Due to the time saved managing billing processes, Virtual IT was able to get a near 100% return on investment in month one, with a full return once the Cloudmore APIs are linked to our billing system. It has already balanced out perfectly.
— Toby Wakelin, Virtual IT

Cloud Brokerage for IT Providers

IT Provider?

Cloudmore is the perfect choice for expanding and digitizing your cloud portfolio and offering your customers more value.

Cloud Brokerage for Enterprise

IT Department?

Cloudmore helps you to maintain centralized oversight and gives your business lines and users more agility and cost control.


Global customer base
100k Users
15+ years experience
1000+ Partners
1st class support
Multi Currency
Multi llanguage
Multi tenancy

Service Catalog
Select services from Cloudmore's service catalog and sell these to your users in their curated e-store.

Price Management
Manage pricing on a global or per customer basis. Create offers and quotes from your service catalog.

Self Service
Your admin users can discover, provision and manage services, and view monthly billing details.

Support system integration enables users to raise a ticket in Cloudmore. You can send feature requests straight to our development team.

The procurement and provisioning of any product or service can be partially or fully automated using notifications or the services API.

Billing & Chargeback
Cloudmore's reports and exports provide all the information you need to create a summary, or detailed cost and billing reports.

Report & BI
Reports and exports give you a single, consolidated view of utilization, costs, and charges.

Cost Effective
Cloudmore offers a fixed fee based on expected revenue for the financial year. This means costs are easy to predict and simple to plan for.

Exports and APIs
All information can be exported or connected to other business systems for end-to-end automation.


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